Happy 40th birthday wishes


Happy 40th birthday, my supporter. My backbone and my Rock. You’ve been so unique over the years and here is my wish for you on your special day. May you continue to be the head. You have proved to be a great mentor to me and trust me. I’m your biggest fan. May you be blessed in all ramifications of life. Happy birthday dear brother. I love you.
Happy birthday to a unique being who has never for once made me feel unwanted. What would I have achieved in life without you, my dear brother. It’s more than 30years now that I’ve known you and even your friends could not deny that your existence for 40 years has been a huge blessing to everyone around you. You are so special my brother. On your birthday I wish you eternal peace of mind and God’s love. You deserve the best brother. May things fall in pleasant places for you. Cheers to many more years of abundant grace.


You are so unique and I love you dearly. Happy 40th birthday to my sweet and caring aunt. You have a kind heart not only towards me but everyone around you. May your stars shine for greatness and may you be celebrated amid kings and queens. Happy birthday!
Happy 40th birthday to a great aunt. I love you, and you truly know that. I wish you the best in life. Thank you for being so special. May your existence never be denied. God bless you!


Truly, I am indebted to you for all you’ve done for me and everyone around you. Happy 40th birthday my rock. You stand by me through thick and thin and yet you’ve not hesitated to show me that you still want the best for me. May the rest of your life be the best. May the Lord keep you and bless you. Happy birthday, sweet sister.
Despite your age, you still look fourteen. You’re respectful, smart, resilient, funny, loving and accommodating. I feel very emotional as I type this because I still have not found another woman to compare you with. You are so strong and fierce. Thank you for being a supportive sister, a great teacher and mentor. May your silent and loud prayers be answered. Keep up your good work, and the Lord shall grant you peace. God bless you and all that concern you. Happy 40th birthday my jewel!


Happy 40th birthday to the most amazing nephew ever the liveth! What a great pleasure to be alive to witness another fantastic day on the land of the living. I know things have been so rough and even weird! I thank God for you on your birthday and I hope that you smile every day because your prayers are answered already. For the love of God that would forever remain pure, I pray that your heart desires be granted. Cheers!
It’s 40 years today, and yet you never seized to be a wonderful nephew. You are such a blessing to this generation. You’ve impacted so many lives, and yet you are the best family man I know. Here is wishing you o joyous birthday and hope you recieve lots of gifts and good surprises on your birthday. I love you so much, dear nephew.


May the years ahead be full of happiness and unlimited blessings. Happy birthday to the best father! You protect my siblings and me and still have never made us lack anything. You are always everywhere to ensure that we are happy and healthy. I hope to be just like you when I grow older, dad. May the rest of your life be full of joy, happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and God’s love. Happy birthday my worldbest!
I love you, dearly, and nobody will ever replace you in my heart. Happy 40th birthday to the most wonderful father in the world. Only words or epistles will never do justice to how much I value you. Thank you for being the best and most supportive husband and father. I love you so much, dad. And I will forever be grateful to God for making our paths crossed. Cheers!


No doubt that you are the best, mum. I wonder how God created you without a single blemish. You’re just so perfect for me and my younger ones. You are my rock and everything I’ve got. Mum, on your birthday, I want to show you how much I love and cherish you. Accept my warm wishes and know that I will never take your motherly love for granted. Happy 40th birthday my sweet mother.
So many times that rain fell on you. Sometimes you are under the sun struggling for us to live, survive and grow. Mum, here we are today. I may not have grown to the level that I can start making you feel so special mama. I hope that you accept my warm wishes on your birthday. May you live long to reap the fruits that you have sown. I love you so much mum. Live peacefully and remain strong as ever mum. You’re incomparable! Cheers to many more years.


It feels so good to have a friend I can be so proud of. Tell me what else am I looking for. You make feel so special and comfortable. I never thought that friendship could be as sweet as this until I met you. And ever since then, we have been through odds and evens together. You’re my best part. It’s your 40th birthday today, and I hope that you receive lots of gifts and prayers from family and friends, and may the Lord showers you His love. Happy birthday my darling friend. I love you so much.
You are amazing just the way you are. Even though I feel very happy when I’m with you. But right now I am so emotional that and I can’t even express how excited I am. Because you deserve the best. Nothing has ever beaten your level of intelligence my dear. You’re extremely funny and caring. Thank you for not have to allow me to feel lonely. Our friendship alone is enough to prove to the world that love is above everything. Happy 40th birthday my sweetheart. I love you.


Hey friend, you’ve been so amazing over the years. Trust me, I love you, buddy. Your presence makes me feel the warmth and secured. For every moment that you think about me, just know that I’ve got your back. Because you deserve nothing but the best. Thank you for being you. And I also thank you for where we are today. Because who else could have done such a great favor for me? Who else would have loved me so much if not you, my dear friend. Today is the best time I can appreciate you for being so loyal to me. Happy 40th birthday dude. May your days be blessed.
Happy 40th birthday to a wonderful friend. You are kind, funny, respectful and intelligent. I won’t forget to mention that you are so romantic and loving too. And each time I think about you, I just wish I was like you. You inspire me a lot because you keep getting better every day. And that makes you special and the best friend I’ve got. May your life be peaceful and may positivity sorrounds you forever. I love you dear friend