Birthday wishes for brother

On this your special day, you deserve to be celebrated. It is a unique day for you and for me. It is the day heaven released you to the earth to become my brother, and it is worth celebrating. I have found a million good people on just one person, and I call him brother. Happy birthday to you, my dear brother.

A brother is a bundle of blessings put together. In you, I have found a friend, a companion, a playmate, a protector, a guide, a hero, and even a father. These roles you have played to me in a very lovely way. Even thou we have started our different family, my feelings towards you haven’t changed. We may not be living in the same house, but we still do share the same parents, and we are still brothers.

It is my brother’s birthday, and I just can’t keep calm. I have one of the best moments of my life with him. We played and sang in the rain together, we both coin together to play tricks on our parents and a whole lot I can’t remember. I will forever cherish these memories. I am happy my brother is finally turning into a fine young man. I wish you a better year ahead.

I celebrate the best brother in the world. You have to be there for me all through thick and thin.  You were the first person I call a friend while growing up, and to date, you remain my truest friend. I want to remind you today of how special you are to me. You are not only my brother, but you are also my dearest one. You have laughed with me on my happy days and cried as well with me on my sad days. You have provided your shoulders for me to lean on several occasions. I do not know what exactly I have done in my previous like to deserve a brother like you. May your day be sweet as your smiles, and may it bring you lots of blessings. I value you so much, my brother, and I love you. Happy birthday brother, toast to a new age.


You chased me around the yard throwing ice to my face. You helped towed my bicycle down the road all the way home when it suddenly stopped working. You helped me with my difficult assignments when I came back from school. You beat up those boys for calling you dumb. You were there for me and made my childhood full of memories. I am proud to call you, my brother.

It is your special day, and I want to let you know that you mean so much to me. You are a very sweet person, and I hope that this day is as sweet as you.

I have not been a very good brother to you, but I will be a very bad brother if I fail to send you happy birthday wishes. You are the best brother in the world. I salute your courage, your generosity, your selflessness, and your hard-working Spirit. You taught me so many life lessons, and I learned a lot from you. I can categorically say that it is a great privilege for me to be your little brother. I am out there enjoying life in varying phases due to the good seed you planted many years ago. What more do I want in a brother? You are a true definition of a brother.

On this your special day, I join the whole forces working tomorrow towards the universe to say a big happy birthday to you. I will keep telling my friends never to acknowledge that they have a brother if they haven’t heard the story about your many sacrifices for me. I pray that you will excel greatly in life. You are a brother, indeed, and I am always proud of you. All thanks to heaven for giving a poor me to you as a little brother. You will keep soaring high like the eagles. I pray for you today that may God wipe all your secrets tears and overflow your life with his blessings. Happy birthday, brother. You are always loved.