happy birthday wish for sister

Happy birthday my dearest sister

Your birthday would only come once in a year, and that is why it is worth every kind of celebration put up for it. I am glad it is your birthday, another opportunity for me to tell you how much I love you. You have always been there for me, and you worth every celebration.

The sacrifices you made just for me are too numerous to mention. I thank God for this privilege given to me to make you feel so special. When I look back on our childhood, I feel a deep sense of fulfillment, and this is so because you were always right there beside me.

I am patiently waiting for the clock to tick twelve so that I can shower you with loads of blessings on your special day. I am very sure that God looked at me with so much pity knowing that I need someone to call a sister. Hence he decided to create you for me. Your coming into our family had brought so much love and laughter into my life that if laughter were money, I would have become a millionaire by now.  You are a sweet gem with a heart full of gold. On my old sicken bed, I will gather my great-grandchildren to my side and fill their ears with stories of our childhood. Stories of how you protected me from others, stories of how you gave up your lunch box for me after I lost mine.

On this your birthday, I celebrate you sister. May your days be filled with happiness and fulfillment. May you always be happy in life just as you always look out for my happiness. Having a sister like you is a blessing. May you be successful in all your endeavors, my dearest sister. I wish you many more candles to be blown with me by your side. I love you, my sweet sister.

My dear sister i wish you a happy birthday

You have not only been my sister; you have as well been my friend and my companion. I cannot forget the number of times you warned those snobbish girls to stay away from me. What about those days you had to divide your pocket money into two and gave me half when mine was stolen.

I could not sleep all night as my head was filled with the memories we share. I could not think of the perfect birthday gift to give you because no gift can measure up with your love. Your kind of person amuses me. I will forever be grateful to our parents for giving me the best sister in the world.

Indeed there are sisters, and there are sisters. I count myself blessed to have a sister like you. On this your birthday, I want to tell you that you remain the best friend I would ever have. My confident, my happiness, my everything. These words aren’t even enough to describe who you are to me.

My darling sister, you are another year older. I don’t know where I would have to be if you were never part of my life. Of no doubt, my life would have been filled up with so many messes. But your presence in it wiped away those messes, and I have always had the best moments with you. O my dearest sister, you lighten up my works with your smile and generosity. Thank you for all that you do, sister. Thank you for loving me and accepting me with my flaws. Thank you for those days you had to put up with my terrible attitudes. Thank you for those days you had to go extra miles to make me smile.

You are the best sister in the whole wide world, and for this reason, I will stand on the highest mountain top to shout a happy birthday to you.  I will go to the deepest river to declare my love for you. I am a very lucky person to have a sister like you.  You mean so much to me. I celebrate you on this day, and I pray that may your life never fade away. Enjoy the many birthday blessings, sister.