It is always nice celebrating dad’s birthday by giving him the best birthday wishes. Truths are told, dads deserve the best.  Dad is a caretaker, a support system, protector, and he is a cheerleader too. He ensures you tuck into bed, he carries you on his shoulders and makes sure you have the best life could offer. These are little of what dads do. 

As a child, even as you grow, it’s always nice to do something for your dad.  As his birthday approaches, you can create a birthday celebration he has never had. Your dad means a lot to you and everything to the family. So to properly celebrate him on his birthday, you can do well by putting words together, invite some of his favorite friends (if possible all), make him his favorite food, just ensure you put together the best party. Let him know he means so much to you and the family. Read below for more words to put together on his birthday.

Maybe you think I don’t see you most times, or probably not heard; I meant the life lessons you taught me, I got every word you said, perhaps you thought I missed some if not all. Or maybe I and those words have gone separate ways. I just want you to know that I picked all those words, they appear real to me, and they are part of me. As a matter, those words are written on my heart. 

I won’t be where and who I am today without your love and support. You have built a very strong foundation no one can take away. Dad, I’m all grown now with all those values. And I am very glad you are part of my life.  I feel safe when I am with you; life becomes easier with you.

You are my companion and guide, the way you and I rapport sometimes amaze mum. You always give me absolute attention, and I appreciate every one of your words of wisdom. Whenever I’m in trouble, you always have plans to get me out. I’m happy to have you as my father,

To my Hero, My secure Foundation, I Love you so much Dad, Happy Birthday!


Fathers are the most important people in our lives. Some say they are the powerhouse of the family; they are the storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. Dads have solutions to every problem in our life. So when it comes to dad’s birthday, you know it is important to celebrate him specially. But saying « HAPPY BIRTHDAY » isn’t enough, you know. You should wish him with words that will melt his heart; you should make use of words that will instantly melt his heart, words that will make him feel the warmth of the relationship you have with him. Birthday wishes are priceless gifts to people we love.  Here are good words to put together for dad. You could use them on birthday cards or as text messages.

My rare gem, I feel so lucky to have you as my father. You are so loving, encouraging, and caring. You have been the most supportive dad I know. You are one of a kind dad. While everyone was busy looking out for best friends after high school, I couldn’t think of any outside because I know I have you. I can confide in your dad, that’s why I have chosen you as my number one fan. You have made so many sacrifices silently for the family, even for me. How can I ever forget how you work day and night tirelessly to get a better life for every one of us? Your importance in my live is invaluable.  I know I have not been a perfect child for you, but you dad, you have been so perfect for me. I couldn’t wish to have anyone else as my dad. I’ll choose you over and over again if I’m opportune to choose a father. You’ve been there since I was born, and you’re still there to show fatherly love to me. You deserve to be celebrated, Dad.                                      

I love you till infinity. Happy Birthday My Hero!