Happy birthday wishes to my friend

happy birthday wishes my best friend

Birthday SMS for my best friend

One of the most fortunate things that have happened to me is that I have you as my friend. This is one of the things most people always pray for. I am super glad to have you as my friend and someone I could lean on during tough times. Happy birthday to someone most dear to me.

Our bond is unique and special, and I will want it to remain like this forever. I have always faced my mirror for the last five days with my pen and book trying to pen down the best birthday message for you, but I end up starting again from scratch. I finally realized words are not enough to wish you a happy birthday and also say thank you.

Saying happy birthday to a friend has never been this tough for me because I see it as a mere compliment. However, saying happy birthday to you as being a task, I need to call on the Lion in me to help me. You have played a role nobody has ever and will want to play, you are worth celebrating, and I join your family and everyone that loves you to celebrate a queen like you.

People always say luck won’t take you anywhere, but I can stand to face the world that luck will take you somewhere. This is because I was only lucky to have you as a friend. You are the friend I have always leaned on for years, and you keep having my back. Thank you and happy birthday

My special birthday wish and prayer to a fantastic friend and someone I want more years of friendship with. Gratitude goes a long way, and I am thankful for staying during the good and bad times of my life. If I send you hundreds of cakes, hundreds of hugs and kisses, you deserve it and more. May God shower his blessings upon you, my dear friend

To the person that has stayed with me through thick and thin, I want to appreciate you and all you have done. You have seen me take every step of my life, and you have contributed positively in making my life better. I am happy to see you celebrate another year, my awesome friend. I wish you the best celebration. Happy birthday, dear.

I wish my best friend a happy birthday: the only one that finds my silly jokes funny, the only one that provides an answer to my weird questions, the only one that can be comfortable around me when I do dumb things. I always thought you were my twin until I realized family isn’t only people related by blood. You are my family, related by love. I am always myself whenever I am around you, and our conversations are always lit. Thanks for being my teammate.

I asked God for a friend, and he gave me a sister, I asked him for a gist partner, and he gave me a confidant, I asked him for someone I could get advice from, and he gave me someone I could lean on. I know we are getting older, but I must commend the fact that you are getting smarter and more beautiful. I hope you will enjoy your new year and my birthday messages too. Happy birthday, dear.

This birthday SMS is the perfect way for me to let you know how much you mean to me and how relevant you are in my life. I pray that God almighty fill your day with sunshine and warmth the same way you have a kind heart. I wish you more wealth, fortune, prosperity, and more achievements.

Happy birthday my darling friend; thank you for using your smile to brighten my day. Thank you for shining light into my day like the sun and for keeping my night lit like the moon. My birthday wishes for you today is that you continue being the golden girl I have known. Thank you for all you do. I pray that all your dreams come true, and may you live an awesome life.

Today is a special day, not only in your life but in our lives. You have allowed me to swim in your ocean of joy and love. You are more like a divine friend to me. Thank you for making my life more colorful and special. I wish you a fantastic day, and I want to say thank you for all you do.

Do the craziest things today because it is your birthday, dear. Today is your day to celebrate and bloom. You are my favorite friend, and I am glad to be part of your awesome life journey and story. Your endless patience and support are what I can’t pay you back for. I wish you the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday, darling.

I have always promised to make your day special with lots of messages: kisses, hugs, and words. I like all you have been doing and how you have been more than a best friend to me. I sometimes confuse you to be my blood. I am always glad anytime I realize I know you, and you are part of my life. Be happy today, and enjoy your birthday.

Dear best friend, I am grateful and glad that you are close to me. This is because of your good ways and sincerity. I am lucky to be alive and see you celebrate another year of blessing and happiness. May this day be one of the days you will always remember for good, and may your special day be filled with happiness and glad tidings. Happy birthday dear friend.

Special birthday message to someone that knows me the most. Our friendship is one of the bonds I never believed will exist. However, you made me realize the true meaning of friendship, and you made every single moment we have spent together special. Happy birthday and I wish you a prosperous year ahead.