Mummy happy birthday wishes

Mummy happy birthday wishes

Sweetest Mother of all time, no amount of celebrations can pay you for all you have done. As a matter, celebrating your daily is not enough to pay you back for all you have done for me. Mom, you have done more than enough for me.  You sat and sleeplessly watched my infant head while I was in my cradle. You taught me my first words and movements; you gave me food when I needed it.  You are indeed the essence of love, truthfulness, and sincerity. You always shower your family with so many blessings. You provide us all we needed as your children, and you never expected anything in return. Mummy, your care is contagious, the way you care for people around you, your family, even those that don’t show they love you, you have shown them so much care. You inspire me to do the same to other people and even to my own family, too (when I start raising one). I remember your favorite words on care, « Love your enemy, do good to those who hate you. These have been your words whenever I tell you some people don’t deserve to be loved or cared for. You don’t only love your family mum, you treat everyone equally (both strangers and animals). You are very sensitive to the needs of everyone and the environment.

My number one fan, you have been my cheerleader since I became conscious of who you are to me. You never for once stopped challenging me in all areas to do more and be better. The truth is, I’m aware you’re not physically strong, at times I see weakness written all over your face, what amazes me is you don’t show your weakness in issues, One will always feel your strength even in your weakness. I don’t know how you do that at all, but I think that’s what makes you the best among the best mothers I know.

You don’t take defeat for an answer, Never! You keep thriving, fighting, and winning life battles as they appear to you, no matter how difficult. You motivate me, mom, to always be like you and never to submit to difficulties, perhaps difficult times. You always have solutions to all problems, you have a perfect fix to all problems, no matter how big or small. I feel safe, sound, and fearless now because I have you around me. Thank you so much ma for encouraging me always to improve my all-round skills and studies. You keep saying I can do better; I can be the best, I can try again and again. Until I get success, you won’t stop encouraging me. Do you remember how we do school assignments together, even when you return late from the office? You made my high school grades worth having, and that paved ways for me in greater places I least expected.

Thank you for everything you have done, mum, and for things yet to be done.                                       

To my super Hero, Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday mummy

Mothers are gold, so expensive, and can’t be traded for any inferior. They are the very first person a child knows. Hence, mothers are role models, a very good one at that. No matter how bad, they should be celebrated for their tireless effort. No amount of gifts will pay them for their effort, but a child is expected to appreciate his/her mother. It could be on mother’s Day, Birthday, perhaps a surprise. Just to show how grateful you are. Here are some wishes for mom on her Birthday. These birthday wishes could be accompanied by gifts to show you appreciate her.

Birthdays are like chocolates; it’s better to enjoy each of the chocolates than counting how many are left. I’m not putting these words together because it’s your day, far from it. I am only putting words of how amazing you have been since the last three hundred and sixty-five days (365) spent with you. To start with the time you were formed, you were created to make parts complete.  There’s a part of you everyone wants to have. No wonder you have amazing attributes that make everyone you come across love you, they have no choice to just beckoning with you.

On this very day, I celebrate my precious jewel, the very one who loves me regardless,  I have known her all my life, and I must confess she’s the best.  This means the whole world to me, and without her, I may probably not exist today. Whenever I am scolded or in any trouble, you always appear like a savior, perhaps a rescuer and a corrector. Even despite scolding, you correct in love.

 Mum, there are a whole lot of things to do when you’re around. We play, joke, laugh, and sometimes we cry together when they need to do so arrives. I know there’s someone who tells me the truth when others don’t, someone who is ready to protect me all the way, and someone who always cares for me no matter how critical issues are. My heart is so filled with love for you, mummy. The way you love me makes me feel I belong to the loving family. Your love is a mystery. I once sat and thought of why you love me too much, till this moment, I haven’t gotten a clue, but I am so glad you love me so much.

My disciplinarian, no one dare stand to break your rules. You have taught me basic principles of life, how to obey them, including all of your rules. The thing that has done is to make life easier, simpler, richer, and better. You are my light, and I shine so brighter because of you.

Mummy, you’ve watched me grow from childhood to adulthood. Thank you for nurturing, tutoring, scolding, caring, loving, and watching me grow older and wiser.                                  

My Appreciation goes to your mum. You deserve the best. Happy Birthday, Mummy!