Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Daughter

Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Daughter, happy birthday day
Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Daughter, happy birthday day

Happy wedding anniversary my daughter

Ever since you set out for your husband’s house, I have always missed you. I miss all the wonderful moments we spent together, the fun, the gist, and everything. They are memories, and i hold them dear to my heart. I celebrate you and the woman you have become. My little girl has become a woman, and I am very proud of you.
How can I forget your wedding anniversary? It is important to me as it is to you. You have made me a proud mother-in-law and a proud grandmother. Your home shall be filled with so much sweetness. Kisses to you, my darling on this special day.
A special day calls for a special celebration with a specific message for the special person. It’s your special day, my girl. I am sending lots of love to you and your family. Happy wedding anniversary, my daughter.
I have watched you grow into a fine young woman, and I congratulate myself on a job well done. You have remained a source of joy to you ever since you became a part of my life. I consider myself very lucky to have a daughter like you. Your smiles could melt even the toughest heart. How time indeed flies. I remember how I will pick you up when you started taking your first steps. I will always cherish that day you said your very first word. I watched you go from kindergarten to grade school, to high school and then college. I watched you blossom and touching life everywhere you went.
Before I knew it, my little girl got married and was taken away from my house. Today marks it another 365 you left the house for your husband’s house. Happy wedding anniversary, my daughter. I celebrate this day with you because you are special to me. May your home be heaven on earth. May your children be as a fruitful vine around your table. May you see your children’s children. Congratulations, sweetheart, on your wedding anniversary. You are the best daughter anyone could hope to have.

Happy wedding anniversary to you and your lovely husband.

I was so used to you that it became very hard for me to let you go on your wedding day. I was tossing up and down my bed, worried how my little girl was going to cope without me. Then reality struck me that you are no longer my little girl. You are now a woman.
Yes, it is your wedding anniversary, and I am truly amazed that you were able to build such a lovely family. You have made me a proud mother. I am blessed to be called your mother. Happy wedding anniversary to you, my darling.
Is it another wedding anniversary of my girl? I couldn’t contain the flow of tears on my face as well as the joy in my heart as I looked up the calendar to reaffirm the date. My daughter, you are my pride, my joy and my strength. I am grateful to God that I am witnessing another wedding anniversary of yours. How time indeed flies. Just like yesterday, when we were put there in the mall shopping together towards your wedding day. I could still remember on you’d wedding eve you telling me how nervous you were. And then, on the big day, I suddenly developed cold feet when the idea of me losing you to a man struck my heart.
Time has passed and you have remained my baby girl. I am reaching out to you on this special day to say I love you and I miss you, my darling. You remain the best daughter ever. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your lovely husband. May you both grow old together. Thank you, dear daughter, for making me so proud. I pour more marital blessings into your home. Enjoy your special day, dear.
While your husband is very lucky to have you as a wife and your children are lucky to have you, I am blessed to have you as a daughter. That is why, on this day, I join them to celebrate you. Happy wedding anniversary, my daughter.